Owner FAQs

  • How much rent can I get for my house?

    没有真正的“经验法则”可以给你的问题一个准确的答案,因为 there are too many variables. 价格取决于大小、位置、更新情况等.

    要想知道“我的房子能租多少钱??" is to talk with one of our staff. There is no cost or obligation to you. Please contact us today at info@chujinbi.net or (913) 469-6633.  We look forward to talking to you!

  • What can I do to make my house lease faster?

    租房者和买房者不同,他们更关心你房子的外观 rather than things like how old the roof is. Here are the top things you can do to wow a 准房客,让你的房子租得更快:

    • Your house needs to be clean. This is huge!
    • Walls should appear to be freshly painted.
    • Floors should be in good condition.
    • 完成你“要做”清单上的所有修理工作.
  • How long does it take to get my house leased?

    There is more demand than ever for rental houses! Vacant homes are not 对房子,你的现金流和我们的声誉都有好处所以我们想把它租给 qualified tenant as quickly as possible. 最重要的因素将决定你的 house leases are cosmetics and cleanliness.

    Getting your house listed
    We try to make this process easy on you! Once you have decided to hire us, we will meet 虚拟或亲自开始对你的家的细节. After that meeting, it usually 我们花了几天的时间把你的房子在我们所有的市场营销中列入专业名单 channels. (请记住,我们会给你的房子拍照,并创建一个专业的清单 across multiple web sites during this process.)

    Leasing your house
    我们收到并回应数以百计的新潜在租户的电话,电子邮件和推荐 month. 我们总是有很多有兴趣的潜在租客在找地方 call home. 你的房子将在多个租赁网站上列出. Also, prospective 租房者可以在我们的网站上注册订阅房源服务,该服务会给他们发电子邮件 whenever when your new listing becomes available!

  • How will Home Rental Services market my house?

    让您的家在最短的时间内租到最好 possible renter, you need the best exposure. Our web site, additional industry specific web 网站,专业的庭院标志,印刷广告和企业营销弹射您 property into the spotlight. 此外,我们与许多大公司的持续接触 堪萨斯城的大公司,以及成千上万的房地产经纪人,让我们有机会 powerful pool of prospective renters.
  • 我怎么能保证租客是合格的呢?


    • 确保每个成年居民的国家信用报告.
    • 获取每位成年居民的犯罪、性犯罪者、恐怖分子和背景报告.
    • 我们收集租赁历史记录,并进行驱逐搜索.
    • Verify their income and employment.
  • Are you the cheapest company in town?

    有些公司收费比我们高,有些公司收费比我们低 than we do. 也有许多块的定价结构几乎所有的租赁和 property management companies.

    例如,一家公司可能会向你收取房屋广告费用,但租金较低 commission. 另一家公司可能收取较低的管理费,但提供的水平不同 of services that another company offers. 俗话说“一分钱一分货” holds true in property leasing and management. Other "companies" that say they do property 管理人员实际上是一个拥有网站的个人. Be sure to hire a company that has 专门的人员负责营销、租赁、维修协调和月度会计.

    Our goal:

    • Get your property leased as quickly as possible.
    • For the highest rent possible.
    • To the best tenant possible.

    如果你的房子每月租金是1600美元,那你每周就要损失400美元 vacant. 你想要了解的不只是服务的价格你想要了解所有的服务 that are offered to make those 3 key pieces happen.

    我们认为我们提供了行业内最全面的服务方案,同时也非常有竞争力 competitive with our rates.

  • Why should I choose Home Rental Services?

    We work with investors that own multiple properties. We also work with owners that don't 你是否有过代表他们租赁和管理房屋的经验.


    • We have been in business since 1989.
    • 我们有效并成功地管理了超过2亿美元的房地产投资 our clients.
    • Our phones are answered by a real person 6 days a week.
    • 您将被指派一名专业物业经理.
    • Our leasing agents show properties 7 days a week.
    • 我们的大部分业务都是通过网络进行的 基于工具,包括电子协议,直接存款,每月 statements and more.
    • 我们每年为客户收取和处理超过700万美元的租金.
    • 我们可以在你还住在那里的时候带你看房子. Vacant homes are not good for your cash flow, your property or our 声誉,所以我们要找到你一个合格的租房者尽快 possible.
    • 我们在堪萨斯城地区有一个庞大的专业网络,可以找到合格的租房者.
    • We do not sell homes or do commercial leasing.  Our full attention 致力于租赁和维护您的住宅物业.
    • 我们是国家和 当地房地产经纪人委员会和全国住宅协会的成员 Property Managers (NARPM). These organizations ensure ethical business practices and provide ongoing education for professional property management companies.
    • 你的房子会在流行的租赁网站上做专业的广告,包括Zillow, Trulia, Hot Pads and more.
  • Do you provide and prepare the lease contract?

    Absolutely!  我们的租约是由一组 attorneys since 1989.  It is written to protect you as the landlord.  Expectations 对于业主和租客都清楚易懂.
  • Does my house have to be vacant for you to show it? Or can my house be shown while I still live there?

    We are here to minimize your vacancy!  We suggest we start showings 大约60天之前,你就知道房子可以供租房者入住.  The idea 你搬出去的时候,我们有新房客准备搬进来吗.  Of course, we’ll 根据你的时间框架和对你来说最方便/最舒适的时间来工作.  Down the 道路,我们的租赁协议同样允许房屋在市场上出租和/或出售 last 60 days of the Lease.  同样,为了减少租房者之间的空置时间!
  • How long are the leases?

    Typical terms of our leases are 12 months. It depends on what the renter needs and what you are agreeable to. 我们签订了许多多年期租约,但很少看到 demand for leases of 6 months or less. We always have your best interests in mind and will discuss lease dates with you on any offers.